Cabinet apologizes to wrongly convicted Puttense murder case

In a debate on the budget of Justice, the missionary minister Grapperhaus apologised on behalf of the cabinet to two men who have been unfairly incarcerated for years for the murder of Christel Ambrosius, also known as the Putten murder case.

It concerns Wilco Viets and Herman du Bois, who were wrongly in prison for seven years for the murder. Grapperhaus spoke about the importance of the rule of law in the debate. It also requires a government that dares to admit mistakes made, he argued


Visibly emotioned, he expressed regrets for the mistakes made. โ€œIt is time for us to do full justice to the suffering that has been done to these two men. They may have received financial satisfaction, but never a moral one. On behalf of the entire cabinet, I apologize,โ€ said Grapperhaus. โ€œWe left those men and their families in the cold.โ€

Peter R. de Vries

Crime journalist Peter R. de Vries killed this summer has been committed to the release of Viets and Du Bois for years. His son Royce de Vries sat in the public gallery in the House of Representatives this afternoon when Grapperhaus ruled the regret. Du Bois was also present in the room.

23-year-old flight attendant Christel Ambrosius was murdered in 1994 at her grandmothers home. Viets and Du Bois were arrested and received ten years in prison, but in a review they were acquitted in 2002. Six years later, a new suspect, Ronald P., was arrested. He got eighteen years in prison.