Cabinet: attack on Kunduz mosque gross human rights violation

The Dutch cabinet has condemned the bloody attack on a mosque in the north Afghan city of Kunduz, which killed dozens on Friday. The State Department expresses its sympathy for the victims and their relatives in an English -language tweet.

โ€œAttacks on citizens, who use their right to confess their faith freely, violate fundamental human rights and international humanitarian law,โ€ said the tweet. The Netherlands has been present in the province of Kunduz for years as part of an ISAF mission. It was aimed at strengthening the rule of law, including by training police officers.

Fridays suicide bombing caused more than fifty deaths and many dozens of wounded. Target was a Shiite mosque where people gathered for Friday prayer. Responsibility for the attack has been claimed by Islamic State. The terror movement says it is behind more attacks that have been committed in the region in recent weeks.

Footage, shared on social media, shows men and women running into the streets after the blast.

The Taliban, like IS of Sunni cut, have carried out several operations against IS in the capital Kabul since they took over power in August. Roughly 20 percent of the Afghan population depends on the Shiite variant of Islam. Many of them belong to the Hazara, an ethnic group that has been in the tribulation for decades.