Cabinet comes with extra money for compensation cancelled events

More money will be available to compensate for entrepreneurs who have had to cancel events and festivals. The government will announce that tomorrow in the Chambers debate on the tightened corona measures.

On Friday, the government announced that all multi-day festivals and events will be banned until at least August 14. The event industry responded bewildered and angry.

The current event guarantee fund is being expanded further. Now organizers get 80 percent of the cost reimbursable. The Hague wants higher compensation. It even talks about reimbursing 100 percent of the cost.

Village parties

Furthermore, organisers complain that not all events are eligible for support because certain criteria have to be met. For example, two previous editions must have taken place. The government wants to do something about that too, so that village parties can claim compensation, for example.

The government had so far cleared 385 million euros for the Guarantee Fund, but that amount is going to increase with the expansion of conditions.

Festival organizers need that support because they often cannot fall back to cancellation insurance. Insurers have removed that option from their cancellation policies since the corona crisis. This allows organizers to no longer bear the financial risk of cancellation for upcoming events themselves.