Cabinet comes with gesture of appreciation for Dutchbat

With a special gesture, the cabinet will express its appreciation for Dutchbat III, the unity involved in the fall of Muslim clave Srebrenica in 1995. Minister Bijleveld is thinking of a meeting at which all veterans of the unit are present.

The Dutchbatters will also receive the amount of 5000 euros tax free and Defence will organise return trips for them.

Home Front

In this way, Bijleveld responds to the report of the Breastlap Commission, which investigated Dutchbat III. This study showed that 25 years later many veterans still experience problems as a result of the operation in Srebrenica. Bijleveld promises that all 850 veterans and โ€œtheir home frontโ€ will soon receive a letter with an offer for professional help.

The light-armed Dutchbat III had to stand powerlessly by the fall of Srebrenica, which was followed by the assassination of at least 7000 Muslims. Many veterans have experienced a lack of support and recognition in recent years.

Take a look back at the fall of the Muslim clave:

Olaf Nijeboer, chairman of Dutchbat association, considers it positive that the Minister fully adopts the recommendations following the investigative report of the Breastlap Commission. According to him, in the reactions of Dutchbatters there is still some distrust. โ€œSee first, then believe. There is a lot of doubt that it can take a while before it is all done.โ€

Nijeboer has a meeting tomorrow with Minister Bijleveld. One of the questions he wants to raise is how long it will take and how it can take shape in times of corona.