Cabinet confirms ‘hard message’: mink companies need to close down

Yesterday it already leaked out that in March all mink farms must have stopped, today it has been officially announced. “It’s a definitive end to a business, that’s really a different matter than measures taken in other affected sectors.”

“You can think what you want about keeping minks, but you tell people to stop immediately”, says Schouten:

In November the ‘peeling period’ starts and when all minks have been killed the breeders are no longer allowed to put new animals in their cages. The early cessation of mink farming is the result of the coronavirus outbreak on more than forty farms. There the minks have all been culled.

On all remaining holdings the animals are not killed preventively; the risk to public health is not considered to be high enough for this purpose. However, it is feared that in time virus reservoirs will form, which could infect more and more people.

The closure of all mink companies was already planned for 2024, but this will be brought forward.