Cabinet confirms: perished interpreter was on evacuation list

An Afghan interpreter who died in Afghanistan earlier this month was on the Dutch government evacuation list. That‘s what the cabinet confirms to the House of Representatives.

Two weeks ago, the CCeit reported that an interpreter who worked for a European police mission and who was on a list in Kabul was murdered. The Chamber wanted clarification about that.

The demissionary ministers Knapen en Kamp and Secretary of State Broekers-Knol write that it is โ€œplausible that the interpreter has been killedโ€, although the message has not been officially confirmed. The officials point out that the Netherlands is no longer present in Afghanistan and that โ€œit is therefore impossible to determine whether and and by whom he was killedโ€.

โ€œHe didn’t arrive at the airportโ€

The cabinet also acknowledges that the man has worked for Eupol, the European police mission. The Netherlands also participated in that mission. On 16 August, the interpreter was โ€œregisteredโ€ to come to the Netherlands. On August 21, a call was sent to him to Kabul airport, but he did not get there, the officials write.

Knapen, Camp and Broekers say they have taken note of the interpreter‘s death with horror. โ€œThe cabinet strongly condemns any violence against Afghan citizens,โ€ the letter states.

โ€œMore people than just the interpreter involvedโ€

The officials stress that the cabinet does not normally address individual matters, but understands the House’s desire to get more information about this case.

According to the letter, this case is complex and involves more people than just the interpreter in question. But in terms of privacy, the cabinet does not want to go into it publicly. However, the Chamber has received confidential information on this case.