Cabinet decides Friday about resignation or stay

The Cabinet will discuss political steps on Friday after the devastating report on the payment affair. The four coalition parties take into account the fact that the Cabinet is leaving because of the great suffering that has been inflicted on the victims. But they don‘t agree with each other, because the coronacrisis also plays. They will make a knot in the weekly Council of Ministers. Until then, it remains exciting.

Last night there was an additional Council of Ministers on the very hard report of the Parliamentary Interrogation Committee on Child Care. The question of whether the Cabinet should resign was not raised at that time, according to Prime Minister Rutte. It was only about the substance of the matter: should there be more compensation and how should it be prevented from happening again? There will be an official cabinet response on Friday.

Do not sacrifice one minister

On that day, the Council of Ministers will also discuss possible political consequences. According to insiders, the VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristianUnion agree in any case that the payment affair is too big to sacrifice one minister for this. There has been speculation that Minister Wiebes should leave because he played a major role as Secretary of State for Finance. But no one likes that.

The coalition parties are on the same level: either the whole cabinet goes on, or the whole cabinet resigns. Furthermore, the race has not yet run. On the one hand, there are parties – and individual coalition members – who believe that a well-functioning missionary cabinet is needed in this coronacrisis. On the other hand, the injustice in the childcare supplement affair is so great that it should have political consequences.

Prime Minister Rutte’s VVD wants to go on. At the press conference on the corona measures, he said that if the cabinet resigns and becomes demissionary, it certainly does not apply to coronation policy. โ€œOn that you remain missionary, perhaps not official, but mentally.โ€ The other three coalition parties also see the corona argument, but wonder whether the cabinet can still stay on. If one of the coalition parties considers a departure necessary, then it happens, have already informed insiders.