Cabinet does not want a nationwide fireworks ban with New Years Eve this year

This year, the outgoing cabinet does not want a national fireworks ban around the turn of the year. It will decide tomorrow on that proposal, insiders report.

The corona situation at the moment does not give rise to ban the sale and parting of fireworks, just like last year, says the cabinet. Municipalities can still designate firework-free areas or issue a ban for the entire municipality.

Earlier this month, the cabinet asked the OMT for advice. But the experts cant make a ruling on whether or not to impose a fireworks ban, they said. Whether it is necessary to relieve the burden of care should be investigated and the OMT does not have the relevant data. With that, the cabinet sees no basis for a ban.

Good luck

Last years ban did come, because the pressure on healthcare should not be even more. The hospitals and general practitioners could not have the more than a thousand wounded who normally fall during a turn of the year due to fireworks, was the reasoning. The ban was a success: only 108 fireworks victims were left in the hospitals and 275 at the general practitioner posts. Last year, there was a lockdown and there was no corona vaccine yet. Now the situation is different, says the cabinet and that is why they do not want to take this step now.

Mayor Bruls van Nijmegen, chairman of the Security Council, immediately after the turn of the year called on the cabinet to impose a ban this year. GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals in the House of Representatives also work for this.

Yet, Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Network Acute Care, said last Monday in the briefing for MPs that the fireworks victims do not pose a major burden on the care. These are limited numbers and usually they only stay in the hospital for a short time. He is more concerned about new infections when people gather in large groups on New Years Eve.

CCeit at 3 explains in this video how fireworks policy has changed in recent years:

Fireworks shows canceled

Amsterdam has already announced that a fireworks ban will also apply there next turn of the year. Instead, fireworks shows would be held in various places around the city, but they have already been called off due to the rising infections.

Also in Rotterdam, the first city to announce a local fireworks ban, the professional fireworks shows are not going on.