Cabinet: exception to corona entry ban, including for top athletes

The ban on entry due to the corona crisis will be lifted for certain groups. These are people who make an important contribution to business and top sportsmen and women. The Cabinet has decided on these exceptions because of the major negative impact, the social and economic importance and the long duration of the entry ban.

According to the Cabinet, strict conditions will be attached to the relaxation. The starting point remains the protection of public health and keeping the virus under control

Since 18 March, people from outside the European Union are no longer allowed to travel to the Netherlands if that is not necessary. From 14 September, this ban will lapse for top athletes and from 21 September for people from the business community.

Course and football match

According to the Cabinet, the restrictions for these groups have a variety of consequences for Dutch citizens, from being able to keep a job to the lack of experience at, for example, an international football match.

The Cabinet believes that these groups are easy to demarcate and believes that the relaxation will not lead to an excessive influx of travellers from areas at risk.

There will also be a relaxation for highly qualified professionals from the cultural and creative sector, journalists and researchers. But it has yet to be worked out. Once the conditions have been laid down, it should enter into force as soon as possible.

Home quarantine

In the area of home quarantine, too, the rules are becoming less strict for certain groups. Members of the Cabinet and officials travelling on official business will be allowed to leave home quarantine for that specific purpose. The rules will also be relaxed for, among others, top sportsmen and sportswomen and people who ‘demonstrably contribute to the interests of the economy and society’.

The exact wording of the travel destinations to which the exceptions apply is still being worked out. Should the situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus deteriorate, the flexibilities may be adjusted.