Cabinet extends Coronawet by three months until June 1

The demissionary cabinet wants to extend the corona law, which expires on 1 March, until 1 June, writes care minister Hugo de Jonge to the House of Representatives. This law, which contains most of the corona measures, is temporary and should be officially renewed every three months. In doing so, the Council of State must also give an opinion on the need for it.

The chief advisor to the Cabinet agrees with an extension, as there is still a very serious situation in all regions, referring to the last letters from the Cabinet and recent tightening such as curfew and the obligation of a negative test in international travel. The measures provided for in the Corona Act are also expected to be necessary in the coming months, according to the Council of State.

The House of First and Second will be able to debate the extension. If they do not want to do so within a week, the extension will start automatically.