Cabinet follows wish Room: no corona pass needed on terrace

The cabinet can live with not requiring corona access certificates on terraces. Yesterday, the Chamber agreed that people should show a ‘corona pass’ starting next Saturday before visiting a cafรฉ, restaurant, theatre or cinema. The cabinet also wanted to make the pass mandatory for the outdoor terrace, but that was too far a majority of the House.

Demissionary Minister De Jonge said today after the cabinet deliberation that he understands the Chamber‘s trade-off and also โ€œwhat that could practically bring benefits to hospitality entrepreneurs. We’re just going to follow that choice.โ€

This catering entrepreneur is not yet convinced of the practical benefits of the plan:

The details of the scheme are yet to be elaborated and the way the cabinet will maintain the corona pass will continue to be discussed with mayors. Several mayors and hospitality entrepreneurs are wondering how to deal with the pass or say they only act at excesses.

Minister Grapperhaus added that municipalities get extra people โ€œwho they can offer the hospitality industry for control. Then a security guard can scan an entry ticket and then the waiter can simply pick up the order.โ€