Cabinet hopes to initiate conversation with anxious farmers with ‘reconciliator’

The cabinet appoints a mediator to initiate the conversation with angry and anxious farmers. Prime Minister Rutte is positive about a plan from the House to quickly call for the help of an independent chair who must restore the lack of confidence among farmers.

Initiator CDA initially thought of a reconciliation committee. โ€œIt should ensure mutual empathy and calm down tempers,โ€ said CDA group chairman Heerma. BBB leader Van der Plas had asked for a mediator.

Rutte therefore thinks of one person, he said in the debate about the recent peasant actions. โ€œI think its good if someone is going to help really get the conversation going.โ€ Minister Staghouwer himself wanted to talk to farmers organizations next week, it was announced today. It is not yet known whether Staghouwer will now leave this to the mediator.

Not tomorrow

The cabinet thinks that there are many misunderstandings among farmers and the mediator must be able to clear them out of the way. According to Rutte, the herd does not have to be halved, the plans do not have to be implemented in the short term, but there is more time for this and aviation and industry will also have to make a contribution to the necessary restoration of nature. However, he is sticking to the current cabinet plan that 50 percent less nitrogen may be emitted by 2030.

Rutte does not want to sit down with rioters, but with farmers who want to talk about their future, which he believes is the largest group. During the debate, all parties expressed their horror at the roadblocks, intimidation and protests at the private homes of politicians, making politicians feel increasingly unsafe.

Civilized land

Many MPs think it concerns a small group of rioters, about 1 percent of all farmers. โ€œWe are a civilized country and a small group is ruining it for a large group,โ€ says Rutte.

The cabinet is further investigating whether there can be a legal ban on the unwanted and unannounced visits of politicians at home, as D66 proposes. This Monday, the farmers announced new promotions. Security and Justice Minister Yesilgรถz says that โ€œeveryoneโ€ is ready and that there is already a lot of consultation. โ€œWe will not be intimidated,โ€ said the minister.