Cabinet increases corona fee fixed expenses business

The Cabinet increases the maximum amounts for the Fixed Charges concession, a scheme created because of the coronacrisis. The amounts had already increased in January and demissionary minister Van‘t Wout and Secretary of State Keijzer are now making EUR 550,000 per quarter for small and medium-sized enterprises (EUR 330,000) and EUR 600,000 for large companies (EUR 400,000). The measure applies to the first two quarters of this year.

Furthermore, the stock subsidy for retailers who have to close their doors increases from a maximum of 200,000 euros to 300,000 euros. The Cabinet earmarked a total of 335 million euros for the enlargement.

No new scheme

Van t’ Wout and Keijzer have therefore opted for an adjustment of the current rules. According to them, making a whole new scheme could take months, which would require entrepreneurs to wait longer for their money. A new scheme would also lead to increased implementation costs.

Medium-sized companies, such as large catering enterprises and retail chains to some 50 branches, should benefit from the widening. In the coming period, Economic Affairs will map out exactly what problems are going on in the chain store and how the sector is financially facing.

The amendments to the Fixed Charges concession have yet to be approved by the European Commission.