Cabinet is going to see what can be done for young people

The cabinet is going to see if there is room to ease the corona measures for young people. The subject will be discussed today in the Council of Ministers. Before the start of this weekly consultation, all ministers responded with understanding to a call from Mayor Halsema of Amsterdam. โ€œBut it must be possible,โ€ they stressed.

Halsema wrote in a manifesto that the consequences of the lockdown for young people are no longer justified. She thinks the mental and social impact is too great. โ€œI recognise the need for curfew and other measures, but if we consider granting more freedoms, think of young people first.โ€

โ€œ We see things are needed thereโ€, acknowledged Minister Van Ark for Medical Care this morning. โ€œWe will involve that call in the decision-making process.โ€ Coronaminister De Jonge said he understood very well what Halsema means. โ€œThere are many people suffering from the virus, but there are also many people who suffer mainly from the measures. And that certainly applies to young people.โ€

Entrepreneurs and

De Jonge pointed out that entrepreneurs and vulnerable elderly people are struggling, for example. He believes that social support for these groups should be looked at. โ€œThat is precisely one of the issues we will be discussing today in the Council of Ministers. How can we support certain groups suffering from corona measures?โ€

Minister Grapperhaus for Justice and Security agrees with Halsema that young people should be looked closely at. โ€œI endorse what she says. First, look very carefully at the youth.โ€ Thats what Minister Kaag thinks. โ€œI think we need to look smart at what can be done and in what way.โ€ She wants to โ€œtake a sensible riskโ€ for this group, because young people are not made โ€œto communicate with each other only per Zoomโ€.

Minister Slob for Primary and Secondary Education says that everything is aimed at making the decision to reopen secondary schools around February 23. โ€œBut it must be safe.โ€ That was also emphasised by the other ministers. โ€œI would like to emphasise that the fall in figures is not doing so well,โ€ said Minister De Jonge. โ€œAnd underneath it is a third wave rising. That is the situation we are in.โ€