Cabinet is not yet knot about easing

The demissionary cabinet has not yet reached a definitive knot in the Catshuis this afternoon about further simplifications of the corona measures. Initiates say that more needs to be sorted out before a decision can be taken that the simplifications are justified. On Tuesday, the ministers most concerned will meet again and there will be another press conference in the evening.

According to the insiders, positive figures have been presented this afternoon by the experts on the number of infections and hospital occupation. The latter has decreased by 10 percent. However, in the next few days, the ministers want to wait and see whether the decline continues.

The Catshuis discussed the simplifications mentioned in step 2 of the reopening plan presented by the cabinet last month. If the figures allow, amusement parks, zoos and gyms could be reopened under conditions. The art and culture practice in music schools, for example, could also be done.

Originally it was planned that these eases would take effect on 11 May, but that was postponed by the Cabinet for at least a week. But after this afternoon it is not entirely certain that it will succeed on 18 May. On Tuesday, the final knot will be made.

Travel Advice

afternoon, the cabinet also discussed travel opportunities after 15 May. That is the day when the current negative travel advice expires, which is still valid for the whole world.

It is likely that from mid-May it will be possible for countries to be set to yellow or green, which means that travelling there is no longer recommended. This does not mean that tourists can go to these countries without conditions; in many countries Dutch people are not yet welcome without negative test or quarantine.