Cabinet: IS women still reclaim insecure and dangerous

Last month, the demissionary cabinet asked the Kurdish authorities in northern Syria if they would be prepared to allow the return of five Dutch IS women and their children. But the Kurds have yet to clarify this, writes Minister Grapperhaus of Justice to the House of Representatives.

Without their cooperation, it remains difficult to repatriate the women. That means their lawsuit may be dismissed. The judge will make a decision on that shortly.

Grapperhaus writes that, according to his estimation, several talks have to be held with the Kurds in order to gain more certainty as to whether they want to participate in the return of Dutch women.

โ€œComplex and Unpredictableโ€

The reigning man adds that the situation in the area where the women stay in Kurdish shelter camps is still โ€œcomplex and unpredictableโ€ and that the cabinet wants to get women only if it can do so in a โ€œsafe and responsible wayโ€.

In addition, discussions with European partners have shown that the recoveries from Northern Syria require a lot of time. According to him, months of logistical preparations and difficult negotiations are often preceded.


The judge set the cabinet a deadline on 6 July regarding the collection of women: if they were not to be brought to the Netherlands within three months, the cabinet had to be able to explain why it did not succeed.

Grapperhaus explains in his letter what action has been taken. The judge can now decide to give the cabinet more time. The lawsuits can also be dismissed because the women who are unable to attend in the Netherlands.