Cabinet is working on extra asylum places with a sober regime

The cabinet is working on setting up new sober application centers or reception locations for asylum seekers who have little chance of staying in the Netherlands, writes Secretary of State Van der Burg of Justice and Security to the House of Representatives.

Exact locations for these โ€œpeople with a disadvantaged asylum applicationโ€ are not yet in the picture, the ministry is talking about one location, says Van der Burg. Where that is is not announced yet. The new reception locations are named process availability location (PBL). Earlier it became clear that the cabinet is looking for solutions because registration center in Ter Apel is overloaded.


sober regime must apply at such a new location and asylum applications must be handled โ€œefficiently and speedilyโ€. This should discourage disadvantaged asylum seekers from submitting an asylum application. In addition, the controlled departure must also take place at the PBL location. Commitment to this is to keep the rejected asylum seekers available at the location.

With the new approach, Van der Burg also hopes to reduce the nuisance caused by asylum seekers with a disadvantaged asylum application. Research shows that disadvantaged asylum seekers are more often involved in incidents and crimes, writes Van der Burg.

The Secretary of State sees that support for the reception of asylum seekers is undermined by a โ€œlimited group of asylum seekers that causes nuisance or crimeโ€. โ€œThe current level of nuisance and criminal behaviour is unacceptable and the approach of this group of asylum seekers is my absolute priority,โ€ says Van der Burg.

Sober spots

On Friday, the cabinet reached an agreement with the Security Council on a plan of action for the reception of all refugees. The emergency shelter will be increased to 225 spots per region. The intention is also to move 7500 status holders to intermediate facilities within six weeks in order to get more places in the shelter.

The PBL place that is currently being discussed will become a registration center or reception location with a sober and strict regime. There will be enhanced supervision, soberly furnished rooms and frequent room checks, and resources will be provided in kind where possible.

There will also be strict house rules. This prevents foreigners from frustrating and delaying the process by, for example, not showing up on the day they have an asylum conversation or departure interview.