Cabinet keeps Qatar World Cup visit open

The cabinet does not want to rule out that members of the government go to the football World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year. Early last year, the House of Representatives called on the cabinet not to send a delegation to the World Cup due to the poor working conditions of foreign workers. There are reports of exploitation and large numbers of migrants who died in the construction of stadiums.

The previous cabinet wanted to keep the option of a delegation open and the Rutte IV cabinet does not want to tie the knot yet. Minister Hoekstra believes that a dialogue with Qatar now helps the people there most: โ€œThe starting point is that we ensure that the people concerned get better living and working conditions.โ€

Human Rights Ambassador

Hoekstra has โ€œthe cautious observationโ€ that holding conversations bears fruit. The Dutch human rights ambassador talked to the authorities in Qatar this week.

The cabinet will take a decision later this year. According to Hoekstra, there are no other countries that have already determined that they will certainly not go: โ€œIf you are the only one to close the door now, you will not have the space to enter into the conversation about this.โ€

The world championship starts on November 21. The Netherlands plays the opening game, against Senegal.