Cabinet leaves the room in protest for Baudet insinuation, Bergkamp deprives him of the floor

The entire cabinet ran away during the debate about the Prinsjesdagstukken due to comments from FVD leader Baudet. President of Parliament Bergkamp has now deprived him of the floor. He is no longer allowed to participate in the debate, she said.

Baudet began his speech about Minister Kaag‘s training at St Anthony’s College in Oxford, where, according to him, Marxist students work and train spies, suggesting that she may have been recruited by a secret service.

Finance Minister Kaag first protested to the chairman. Baudet pointed out that no personal attacks were being made, but Baudet continued, and Kaag ran away, followed immediately by other cabinet members and finally by the entire cabinet. The K cabinet was completely empty within a minute.

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President of Parliament Bergkamp immediately wanted to suspend for the dinner break, but PVV leader Wilders protested against that. He believes that, no matter what is said, the cabinet should listen to a Member of Parliament.

Baudet had now walked out of the hall. Earlier than his turn on the list, he had been given the floor โ€œdue to positive urgent private circumstancesโ€. Baudet‘s wife is very pregnant.

At one point, Prime Minister Rutte returned alone. He said in a statement: โ€œThe fact that MPs seek the boundary of the proper is part of the debate, but this has crossed a border. This is unacceptable. In consultation with the rest of the cabinet, I will sit here again, but everything depends on what else is said.โ€

Bergkamp then wanted Baudet to take back his words about Kaag. He refused, and he repeated roughly what he had said earlier. Bergkamp then said: โ€œI deprive you of the floor.โ€

This decision was supported by a majority in the House, although many MPs noted that they did not agree that the cabinet had run away. PvdA leader Kuiken commented: โ€œIt has to be about people’s financial problems, and now it‘s about this again.โ€

Watch the excerpt with Rutte and Bergkamp’s reactions here:

Outside the hall, Rutte said he realized that the cabinet is a guest in the Chamber. The President of Parliament is about whether an argument is acceptable or not, not the cabinet, he said.

But what Baudet said now, Rutte went too far: