Cabinet looks for ways to give people more air, but faces dilemma

The demissionary cabinet is looking for ways to give people more air and make small eases, but โ€œspace is limitedโ€. This is what the demissionary ministers De Jonge and Grapperhaus say after consultation with the specialist ministers involved in the coronacrisis on the turret.

After Catshuis talks yesterday, it appeared that the government intends to extend the curfew in order to be able to make small steps with, for example, opening hairdressers or partially opening up secondary schools. Ministers do not want to anticipate the measures outlined at a press conference tomorrow, but they say they understand very well that people are in great need of easing.

De Jonge acknowledges that the rack is a bit out and that the cabinet is looking for what can be done again. According to the demissionary Minister of Health, the Cabinet understands very well that small steps can give people a little more air, โ€œso that we can hold on to each other a little longer.โ€ But according to De Jonge, we also face a dilemma.

De Jonge calls it positive that the vaccination has come โ€œon steamโ€ and that a new phase is beginning with the access tests. But on the other hand, the infection figures are still worrying, and with the variants of the coronavirus there is still a fear of a third wave. That is why we also have to be cautious as space is limited, says De Jonge.


Semissionary Minister Grapperhaus also understands that some people are getting more and more trouble with the measures. The cabinet therefore thinks carefully about what is still possible. โ€œWe care about people saying: how long can we keep this up?โ€

Grapperhaus says to understand that people‘s endurance is put to the test. โ€œThe terrible thing is that we can’t say that the virus and all the mutants have been conquered.โ€ He‘s talking about a sort of five: โ€œWe’re dealing with a pandemic, all the other concerns, the economic situation, the social consequences, and the enforcement package.โ€ According to the demissonar minister, it is difficult to weigh everything together.

Insiders confirmed yesterday that the curfew will be extended after March 2. As a result, it is possible to allow simplification in other areas, such is the reasoning of the Cabinet. For example, the intention is that hairdressers will be able to reopen under conditions on 2 March and secondary schools will open partly from Monday 1 March.

It is also thought to make shopping by appointment possible. At non-essential stores it is only possible to purchase something via ‘click and collect’, but this may be expanded.

Look here what Grapperhaus and De Jonge said today: