Cabinet Netanyahu approves march through East Jerusalem under condition

The Israeli Cabinet, which is about to resign, has at the very end approved a controversial ultra-nationalist march with Israeli flags through an Islamic district in East Jerusalem. The condition is that the organizers and the police agree on the route.

The march was initially scheduled for 10 May, but did not continue because of tensions, among other things due to planned expulsions of Palestinians into East Jerusalem.

Instead, he was supposed to be held tomorrow, but that was banned by the police on Monday. The police were afraid it would lead to new violence.


Prime Minister Netanyahu and his ministers decided yesterday that the march could continue next Tuesday under the said condition. Then there will probably be a new government consisting of a large number of parties.

The question is what the new cabinet of ultra-nationalist Prime Minister Benett and his coalition partner Lapid will do? Lapid is the leader of the secular central party ‘There is a future’.


Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967 during the Six-Day War with Egypt, Jordan and Syria. For Israel, the entire city of Jerusalem became the indivisible capital.

Under international law, East Jerusalem is occupied by Israel. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem to become the capital of the future Palestinian state.