Cabinet new attempt: extra shelters and flow, help for municipalities

The cabinet wants municipalities to offer 7,500 approved refugees a temporary home over the next six weeks, sources report to DecceIT. For example, space must be freed up in the asylum reception. The cabinet also asks the municipalities to arrange 225 extra reception places in each safety region. The Hague also wants to do something about that.

The cabinet proposes that the mayors of the security council coordinate the implementation. In that deliberation are the presidents of the 25 security regions, all mayors of larger municipalities.

To compensate for this effort, the cabinet offers to supply thirty civil servants per security region to arrange these places in practice. Furthermore, the intention is that bus transport and medical care will be arranged by the State.

This year, an extra 40 million euros will also be allocated for the construction of housing for status holders. These are asylum seekers who have received a residence permit. The requirements for temporary homes for this group are eased.


Last Monday, the cabinet did not come to an end with the safety deliberation. Mayors complained after last Monday that the cabinet did ask, but offered nothing. The commitment is to jointly make a plan for the fixed asylum reception. Meetings will be held again at the end of this week.

With the new proposal, the cabinet hopes for more success. The cabinet wants to emphasize on Friday that a lot of the municipalities are being asked, because they are already hosting Ukrainians, but that the help of the municipalities is simply necessary.