Cabinet: no gas from Groningen, even at high energy prices

The cabinet is not going to win any extra gas in Groningen, even as energy prices rise rapidly. Minister Blok of Economic Affairs said this morning that he can reassure the Groningers: only in extreme cold will appeal to the Groningen field. The high gas prices are no reason for that.

โ€œThe extraction in Groningen will be phased out quickly and it will not be pushed up again due to energy prices,โ€ says Blok.

Home Minister Ollongren also firmly says that gas will only be extracted from Groningen in the event of an extremely cold winter. โ€œI think we should keep up with that promise.โ€

‘Pulling Leg’

Finance Minister Hoekstra points out that almost everyone, including the experts, has been surprised by the rise in gas prices. He says he can‘t shake a solution out of his sleeve. โ€œBut we’ll have to pull up a leg. This calls for action.โ€


the time being, the cabinet holds a number of wells in the Groningen field โ€œon the pilot flameโ€ so that it can be relapsed in exceptional cases.