Cabinet: opening plan from April 28, but only if it can

The Cabinet has presented a roadmap that outlines how the simplifications of the corona measures can be implemented.

Whether its going to run like this is not a long way fixed. Because the cabinet continues to look at the situation in the hospitals, new virus mutations and the numbers of vaccinations. Minister De Jonge: โ€œSo it is not a certainty, it is not a promise. But if possible, this is how it could be.โ€

So he held the necessary strokes to the arm:

At the coronapers conference, Prime Minister Rutte outlined the idea that two worlds exist. He quoted a hospital driver who said that outside everyone is looking forward to easing, while inside the hospitals people die and work hard to avoid code blac.

โ€œ At the same time, we should not lose sight of the most important reality. The end is really in sight,โ€ said Rutte. To be prepared for that there is the opening plan, he said. โ€œBut it has to be responsible. April 21 is just too early.โ€

First step

The opening plan starts on 28 April. Then the curfew disappears and two people are allowed to visit instead of one. Outside terraces may be open again and in higher education physical lessons can be given. Also in the retail trade may be more than now.

Theres nothing in the roadmap about travel. Decisions on this will be taken separately.

The Cabinet decides next Tuesday whether the first step can be taken on April 28. On July 7, the second last step, there must have been a situation where almost anything can be done again.

Following the setback with the AstraZeneca vaccine, the government also had to respond to the reports of the vaccine by the American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of coronavaccin producer Janssen.

โ€œ Safety always comes first,โ€ said demissionary minister De Jonge. โ€œTodays news asks us new questions.โ€ De Jonge was unable to say anything about it at the press conference because he is waiting for research data and advice.

The RIVM assumes that from next Thursday it can be pricked with Janssens vaccine, as planned.

At a press briefing Jaap van Delden, director of the vaccination programme of RIVM, said that it is premature to start starting from Janssen completely. โ€œUntil there is another decision, the last decision will apply,โ€ he said.


Johnson & Johnson postpones the roll-out of the Janssen vaccine in Europe as a precautionary measure due to reports of a possible adverse reaction. Previously, because of health risks, the government decided not to vaccinate people under 60 years of age with AstraZeneca.

In both vaccines, a very small number of people, in relation to the number of vaccinees, suffer from a rare combination of thrombosis and a reduced platelet count immediately after vaccination. The reports about Janssen are similar to those about AstraZeneca, which have now been labelled as a side effect.

De Jonge says hes only going on what experts say. โ€œAstraZeneca is a safe vaccine over 60,โ€ he said. โ€œAnd I hope it turns out that the Janssen vaccine can be widely used.โ€


Both ministers were also asked in the press conference about their way of communication. There were supposed to be eases, but they didnt come. And because of the โ€œpuncture pauseโ€ with the Astrazeneca vaccine, a lot of people no longer trusted it and, for example, called their appointment.

Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte finds it โ€œunfortunateโ€ that last week leaked that the Cabinet wanted to make a number of simplifications on 21 April, such as the end of the curfew and the opening of the terraces.

โ€œ We hoped we could, but it had to be responsible,โ€ said Rutte. He apologized to citizens and entrepreneurs who were already making plans on the basis of that leaked message.

Rutte now said that really only after the peak in the hospitals can be relaxed:

On the situation with regard to the Astrazeneca vaccine, both ministers indicated their willingness to be open about their decisions and not to take risks. De Jonge: โ€œAfter the first messages I couldnt say just poke through? Rutte: โ€œIt sounds contradictory, but it is precisely because of how we have done it that we want people to continue to trust vaccination policies.โ€