Cabinet pulls out money for help at school in coronatijd

Schools will be able to attract more staff next year so that there will be less classroom loss due to coronaperitiary. The Cabinet allocates EUR 210 million for primary schools, secondary education and MBO. The money is intended not only to attract teachers, but also support staff and guest teachers.

At this time, in many schools classes fall out (or whole classes are sent home) because the teacher is sick or is in quarantine. Also, due to coronameasures, the working pressure is higher than normal. Replacement is often not available, partly because in many regions there is already a shortage of teachers.


โ€œ Because of corona, the pressure on teachers and school leaders in particular is extra high,โ€ says Minister Slob. โ€œWith this money, we want to try to provide relief in the classroom.โ€

The Cabinet wants to help workers who have become redundant due to the coronacrisis to work. If they are not authorized to stand in front of the classroom, they can, for example, maintain coronavirus rules. Schools can claim extra money from 1 January.