Cabinet puts everything in its power to maintain curfew

The Cabinet is making every effort to keep the curfew for a while, even if the court says on Friday that the legal justification is wrong. The Cabinet is sending an emergency bill to the House today. It can then be dealt with immediately by the parliament.

The House of Representatives is expected to return from recess tomorrow for a debate and votes on the proposal. Today there would already be a written round. After that, the First Chamber has to agree to it no later than Friday. The Cabinet hopes that there will be an alternative on that day, in case the Court of Justice endorses yesterdays ruling by the court in The Hague and says that curfew should be abolished immediately.

It is not yet certain whether the emergency law will be passed by the First Chamber. Thats actually quite exciting, says TCCEIT reporter Wilco Boom. โ€œThe House of Representatives will probably agree. Most of the parties there already supported the introduction and extension of curfew. But in the First Chamber, the demissionary cabinet has far from a majority.โ€

Important resource

According to the Cabinet and the experts of the Outbreak Management Team, curfew is an important tool in the fight against corona and, in particular, against the third wave which is threatened by many more contagious variants of the virus. Rutte said yesterday that before Tuesday, when another press conference on the measures is scheduled, it could be reviewed to see if curfew can be lifted on or before 2 March. โ€œBut right now, thats really not wise.โ€

Preventing a yo-yo effect was ultimately the reason for the court to maintain the curfew. Previously, the court decided to wipe the measure off the table. An exciting day for Virus Truth and the Cabinet.