Cabinet receives support from Chamber of Emergency Curfew

A majority of the House of Representatives supports the emergency law submitted by the demissionary cabinet to improve the legal basis for curfew. But the Cabinet should not go wet again, warned Pvda MP Chick in the debate on the issue.

The curfew in the evening and night is scheduled until the early morning of March 3. Next week, the Cabinet wants to decide whether or not to extend it.

The Chamber returned from recess for the debate, which was necessary because the Judge of Providence declared the curfew unlawful the day before yesterday. The court ruled that the law used as a basis is not intended to do so.

The appeal will be filed tomorrow, but just to be sure, the Cabinet filed an emergency amendment. Curfew is now included in the Corona Law, which also includes the other measures.

First Chamber

Apart from the government parties VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie, SP, GroenLinks, PvdA and 50Plus support this approach. These parties also form a majority in the First Chamber, which will talk about the repair law tomorrow.

The Chamber wants to make sure that curfew is legally sustainable. That things went wrong earlier this week, SP and PvdA called very bad for confidence in the corona measures. Its as if were cleaning up the shrapnel of the cabinet here, Sper Hijink said.

A large part of the Chamber continues to question the proportionality of curfew. The Judge of Providence also criticized that. PVV, Denk, and MPs Krol and Van Kooten-Aaren want to get rid of the measure immediately, because it would be too much of a restriction on freedom.

Look back here the reactions of MPs in the debate:

According to PVV leader Wilders, there is no scientific justification that really helps curfew in reducing contamination levels. Broddelwerk, he called it. If the court follows the verdict of the court, he wants all fines imposed to be withdrawn or refunded.

Tunahan Kuzu van Denk was amazed at the speed with which the cabinet managed to arrange an emergency appeal to the court the day before yesterday, in order to get the judges ruling suspended. According to him, this is in stark contrast to the difficulty of the victims of the payment affair in achieving justice.

Kuzu therefore called Prime Minister Rutte a dictator, giving him a reprimand from the President of Parliament Arib and his colleagues from VVD and CDA. He didnt take his words back.

Other parties are convinced of the usefulness and necessity of curfew. We prefer to go to bed at 9 p.m., rather than the schools have to close, said CDAer Chris van Dam.

Rutte: old route was the right

Moreover, it is still uncertain whether the law will actually come into force, as Prime Minister Rutte said later in the debate. Before the demissionary cabinet cuts a knot on that, it wants to await tomorrows appeal. Then the Chamber will be informed as soon as possible, said Rutte.

Rutte said that he is still convinced that the previously chosen route was and is the right one. If the court agrees with him, it may be that the emergency law will not be used, although it is obvious. But there are a lot of things going on in the appeal, said Rutte.

Over the past few weeks, thousands of people have been fined for violation of curfew. If the new law comes into force, it could mean that all these fines will have to be waived.

Look back here how Rutte said that it is not yet to be said whether the emergency law is going to be introduced: