Cabinet reduces and makes fishing sector more sustainable by 444 million

There must be a new course for the Dutch fishing sector. This is what the cabinet believes is allocating 444 million euros for it in the coming years. The money comes from the Climate Fund (200 million) and from a fund for Brexit victims (also 200 million).

The sector is in trouble because the space for fishing is decreasing due to Brexit, the construction of wind turbines in the sea and more protected nature reserves. On top of that, the rising fuel prices are added.

For the cutter fishermen, there will be a bridging arrangement until a reorganisation scheme is introduced by the European Commission for the entire European sector. โ€œThis should give the cutter fishermen a bit of air in anticipation of more clarity,โ€ says Minister Staghouwer of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Fishermen want more clarity

Fishermen who want to continue with their trade will have to innovate to make a better living, says Staghouwer. โ€œAnyone who is willing to contribute ideas about innovation can sign up.โ€ There is money for innovation and business support for entrepreneurs in the fishing sector.

The fish sector hopes that the money will now reach companies quickly. โ€œThere are considerable funds in the prospect, but these amounts were already known to us,โ€ says Geert Meun of trade association Visned. โ€œThe concrete interpretation and speed, we would have liked more clarity about that. The sector is on fire at the moment, partly due to the gigantic increase in fuel prices.โ€

In recent years, the Dutch fishing fleet has already wanted to take an innovative step towards sustainable fishing with pulse fishing. This was eventually banned after protests by French fishermen and environmental organizations.