Cabinet sees no room for structural salary increase for health personnel

The cabinet is not going to arrange a structural wage increase for healthcare workers. Due to the uncertain economy there is no room for this, Ministers De Jonge and Van Ark and State Secretary Blokhuis write in a letter to the House of Representatives.

The Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis has calculated that the Dutch economy will shrink by 5.1 percent this year. The deployment of emergency packages will keep companies in various sectors afloat, but will result in a substantial budget deficit. The government has previously promised a one-off bonus of 1,000 euro net to health personnel. This scheme is still being worked out.

Big valuation

Well, the Cabinet respects the efforts made by employees in the past period. “There is great appreciation for the enormous and indispensable effort of healthcare professionals in this corona period. This period is also often psychologically stressful. That is why we offer mental support and in the coming period we will pay extra attention to the ability of employees to support both the start up of regular care and covid care”

Debat and motion

This afternoon, the Lower House will debate the remuneration of care workers. The opposition will then put a motion on extra remuneration to the vote.