Cabinet sends Hercules transport plane to Mali

The cabinet wants to send a Hercules transport plane to Mali next month. It will be deployed for the UN mission Minusma, which aims to improve security and stability in the West African country. Mali is a breeding ground for violent extremists.

With the C-130 Hercules transport plane, around 90 soldiers will last. Last year, the cabinet had already taken a decision on this principle, but then it was not clear when exactly the Hercules would be used.

The intention is to deploy the aircraft from the second half of November to 15 May next year, the demissionary ministers Knapen, Kamp and De Bruijn report to the House of Representatives.

The military operate from the capital Bamako and can be deployed throughout Mali. The main goal is to transport people and cargo, but the aircraft can also drop personnel and cargo and is further available for evacuations.

The Netherlands is working with Norway, Denmark and Portugal during the mission in Mali.