Cabinet sets up flight ban for India from Monday 6pm

From Monday evening 18.00, passenger flights from India are no longer allowed to land at Schiphol Airport. The Cabinet has decided that because of the high number of infections in that country. Over the past four days, more than 300,000 new infections have been detected in India per day. Aid has now been pledged from all over the world.

Flights with cargo and medical personnel will continue to be permitted and the flight ban will apply until 1 May. Every week, about seven flights from India come to the Netherlands. Most passengers change to another flight at Schiphol Airport.

Many infections

In contrast to Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada, the Netherlands did not yet have a flight ban from India. Travellers to the Netherlands were advised to go into quarantine, but many people ignore that.

There is uncertainty about Indian mutations and the government wants to prevent the Netherlands from becoming a preferred option for passengers from India for entry into the European Union. The decision also follows on the basis of an emergency advice from RIVM.

In India, the number of coronavirus infections has increased sharply in recent weeks. โ€œThe virus has now also penetrated areas where there were few cases,โ€ said correspondent Aletta Andrรฉ Wednesday.

Dutch aid

Minister Kaag (Development Cooperation) announced tonight that he is giving EUR 2.5 million to the Red Cross for coronan aid, 1 million of which goes to India.

The contribution is in addition to the support given by the Netherlands through the international COVAX programme, which regulates vaccines for poor countries. Two weeks ago, the Netherlands gave an additional contribution of 40 million to Covax. Part of that contribution is already benefiting India.