Cabinet: shelter asylum seekers run almost against borders

The Cabinet calls on provinces and municipalities to create more shelters for asylum seekers. There should also be more housing for status holders so that they can move away from asylum seekers centres.

Among other things, the evacuรฉs from Afghanistan threatens the locations of the Central Body for Asylum Seekers (COA) to become full of within a few weeks, demissionary Secretary of State Broekers-Knol and Minister Ollongren write in a letter to municipalities and provinces.

According to Milo Schoenmaker, Chairman of the COA Board, there are currently some 2000 out of 29,000 seats available. โ€œBut in practice, there are actually less,โ€ said Schoenmaker in Along de Lijn En Omreken on NPO Radio 1, because the COA has to take into account asylum seekers who have to be quarantined because of covid infestation, and there should be room for people who are due to unwanted behavior. be temporarily set aside.

The number of asylum seekers flowing in weekly, according to Schoenmaker, is now between 800 and 900 per week, while only 600 people leave the centres weekly. โ€œWe keep that situation very limited,โ€ says Schoenmaker. โ€œThe evacuees from Afghanistan are also part of the asylum shelters at some point in time. The locations we have now dont offer that space.โ€

โ€œWe want to avoid shelter in schools and sports hallsโ€

According to Schoenmaker, there has been a need for more shelters for a long time and the COA has also told municipalities and provinces. But its hard to find locations: โ€œMunicipalities indicate that the properties that are suitable are already being used for offices or homes.โ€

If the shelters are really up later, there are two options according to the chairman. โ€œWeve already made contact with larger shelters for shelters. Well put beds and partitions in there.โ€

If that is insufficient, the COA should switch to so-called crisis emergency shelter. Schoenmaker: โ€œIn that scenario, we ask municipalities to arrange shelters in schools and sports halls. But we really want to avoid that.โ€

Also, the government would rather not be about crisis shelters, because it leads locally โ€œto an undesirable pressure on societyโ€. That can reduce the support for the reception of asylum seekers is fear. โ€œWe therefore want to avoid this extremely undesirable scenario with you absolutely,โ€ the demissionary reign writes in the letter.

At present, Afghan evacuees are being captured at different locations in emergency locations. Yesterday in Harskamp in Gelderland, that led to fierce protest, where fire was founded and people called nationalist slogans.

Lebanon, Belarus and Turkey

Ollongren and Broekers-Knol ask the provinces to come up with ideas no later than the second week of September.

Incidentally, it is not just the situation in Afghanistan that leads to more asylum seekers. The conditions in Lebanon, Belarus and Turkey also contribute. Furthermore, many so-called post-travelers report, the demissionary readers write. โ€œThey couldnt travel earlier because of the international travel restrictions related to covid-19, the Cabinet says. After travelers are people who come to the Netherlands as part of family reunification.