Cabinet starts with access tests to open society

This month the cabinet will start with tests with entrance tests, to make visits to places such as museums and zoos and sports opportunities possible again. The Ministry of Health will let you know on Tuesday. It is a large-scale, far-reaching plan in many sectors.

Coronaminister Hugo de Jonge thinks that with ‘access tests careful and responsible’ activities are possible again. The trials carried out throughout the country include โ€œnon-licensed activities, up to three consecutive days in April with a limited number of visitors.โ€

On the website of the National Government you will find a complete overview of activities and events that can be attended. Interested parties can register with the organiser of the event or activity. These include sports competitions, casinos, zoos, museums and other cultural activities.

The new overview comes at a time when mayors of the big cities are working hard to open the terraces for everyone. Outside there is hardly any chance of infection, according to research.

How do I get a quick test?

Visitors should have a quick test before visiting a location. On site, they show the negative test result. The test meeting can be made on the website The test must be taken within 40 hours before the event. There are no costs associated with this. An appointment should be made at least two weeks in advance, although this does not apply to events taking place over the next two weeks.

People with a ticket to the museum or a theater can make an appointment for the quick test at a designated location. The rash will be there in an hour. A negative test proof from, for example, the GGD test street is not valid to access the event, nor does the result of a home test. โ€œThis is because you want to make sure that someone has been tested negative,โ€ says coronaminister Hugo de Jonge.

If the result on the corontest is negative, a code will be entered via the email which can be added to the Coronacheck app. This code allows people to gain access to an event or activity. โ€œYou buy a ticket, then get tested. If you have a negative test, you can go in. If you have a positive result, you get tested again at the GGD and go into quarantine,โ€ says the Minister.

Keukenhof, casinos, museums

The Keukenhof in Lisse is allowed to receive visitors again. Every day, 5,000 people are allowed to go there, just like to go to Artis Zoo. Other large animal parks such as Blijdorp are allowed between 2000 and 4000 visitors per day.

Many museums and theatres are invited to receive several hundred guests every day. 450 people are allowed to go to Martiniplaza in Groningen and 600 to the National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam.

The casinos are also allowed to let people in again. In the largest casinos that are sometimes up to 1200 people, in smaller gaming halls there are dozens to hundreds.


The thirtieth round in the Eredivisie, from 23 to 25 April, is also part of the pilot. For example, 7500 home supporters can enter the Johan Cruijff ArenA at the Ajax – AZ competition, on Sunday 25 April in Amsterdam. At Feyenoord – Vitesse 6,500 fans of the home club are welcome that day in De Kuip. A week earlier, the cup finals between Ajax and Vitesse will take place in the Rotterdam stadium, without an audience. Both clubs are allowed to open their own stadiums to let supporters watch the finals on big screens. In Arnhem 3,000 fans are welcome, in Amsterdam 5,000.

โ€œ They are not events, because they are simply forbiddenโ€, explains De Jonge. โ€œIt‘s activities. You must, once you have obtained a ticket, get tested beforehand. This is not done with the GGD but with a specially designed test structure.โ€

We don’t have to be afraid of big outbreaks, says De Jonge. โ€œThe number of events is limited and people need to be tested beforehand.โ€