Cabinet takes over all private debts duped parents payment affair

The Cabinet wants to take over all the private debts that the victims have from the payment affair. Secretary of State Van Huffelen wants parents to be able to make a new start without debts, she writes to the House of Representatives. He had insisted on a solution for the victims.

The debts that the parents had to state bodies have already been waived. With a group of some 900 parents Van Huffelen had already decided that their private debts, such as energy companies or landlords, would also be taken over. That scheme is now going to apply to all the victims. It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 people.

What exactly the scheme will look like will be elaborated in the coming period. Van Huffelen wants it to come into force after the summer. Until then, parents are also protected by the so-called ‘pause’ button, which prevents creditors from seizing the compensation scheme of EUR 30 000 which all parents who have been victims of tax fraud hunting.

With list to counter

The Secretary of State has made arrangements with the umbrella organisations of common private creditors. It is planned that the parents can hand over a list of all their debts at a counter. The government then arranges the rest, the parents do not have to deal with cases per creditor. When drawing up the list, they can get help from the municipality.

The scheme should apply to all late payments incurred by the victims, plus additional costs such as interest, penalties and bailiff charges. In any case, the principal sums of mortgages are not covered, and consumer loans and business debts are still being looked at.

The amount of debts of all the victims together is not yet clear. โ€œThe financing of the scheme lies largely with the cabinet,โ€ says Van Huffelen. The creditors will therefore not contribute much money, but according to the Secretary of State, they will help to make the scheme a success. It is also intended that the parents will get rid of any negative registration with the Bureau of Credit Registration (BKR).

โ€œ My ambition is to resolve the private debts of parents as quickly as possible and at once,โ€ writes Van Huffelen. Ultimately, it wants the victims to be able to use the compensation of EUR 30,000 for a fresh start.