Cabinet talks with broadcasters in response to The Voice

Secretary of State Gunay Uslu (Media) will contact broadcasters and media mogul John de Mol, following the broadcast of BOOS about abuses at The Voice. She is โ€œsickโ€ of it and wants the working climate in organizations to change.

She finds it unacceptable that young, vulnerable girls have been put in an unsafe position and didnt feel safe enough to ring the bell. โ€œIts not the women,โ€ she says. โ€œMen really have to take responsibility here.โ€

Other government officials are also taking the case high. Minister Yesilgรถz for Justice and Security watched the program tonight and is furious about it. She says to victims, โ€œKnow its not your fault and knows youre not alone.


She points out that there is now a law in the Council of State that criminalises any form of sex without mutual consent. This includes sexual harassment. She wants to do everything she can to speed up the introduction of this law, because it makes victims stronger.

โ€œConduct wide discussionโ€

Minister Dijkgraaf (Education, Culture and Science) believes that all organizations, even if they are not in the spotlight like John de Mols company, should check with themselves how they are doing. โ€œIt is a discussion that we must have much wider in society.โ€

De Mols statement that it is โ€œa broader problemโ€ that women do not quickly report this type of thing has, according to Dijkgraaf, โ€œa semblance of victim blamingโ€. โ€œIts just he has to hit the right tone.โ€

Minister Van Gennip (Social Affairs and Employment) says that the cabinet will โ€œdefinitelyโ€ look at making a confidential counselor mandatory. Many companies have already appointed them, but it is not yet regulated by law.