Cabinet thinks about different kind of corona-easing, ‘more sectors a little open’

The Cabinet is talking about a new strategy to get out of the lockdown. In the easing after the first corona wave, the Cabinet chose to reopen by sector. The Cabinet is now thinking about whether it is better to open several sectors very limited.

โ€œ You could also see if you could get many sectors to do a little bit of something,โ€ said Prime Minister Rutte in the weekly interview with the Prime Minister at DeccEit.

This new strategy should enable more business sectors to benefit from possible easing. Previously, in such a situation, the cabinet opted for one sector completely open and the rest did not.

Rutte explains that his thoughts about easing change:

Prime Minister Rutte emphasises that it is only a thought within the Cabinet. He does say that he has started to think differently on this subject. โ€œFirst we allowed sports, for example, and then the museums or cafes came to the turn.โ€ He can imagine, for example, opening a restaurant for a few tables and the hairdresser for a limited number of people per day.

This strategy could also increase understanding among Dutch companies. The opening by sector leads to irritation, Rutte knows. โ€œIt frustrates. Why open shops and close restaurants? Why one does, why not the other?โ€

The Prime Minister would like to make it clear that the hairdresser and the restaurant are just random examples. โ€œPhilosophy aloud is always dangerous in a TV show. People think, that‘s what it will be. And it really isn’t.โ€

For the

time being, there are also no simplifications in sight, only primary schools will open from next week Monday.

During the weekly coalition consultations, this new strategy was discussed for the first time last Monday. VVD group chairman Dijkhoff made the proposal and the other parties responded positively.