Cabinet waives compulsory corona pass for amateur outdoor sports

The demissionary cabinet partly repeals the plan to introduce the corona pass in amateur sport. Athletes and spectators in outdoor sports do not receive compulsory check of the corona access ticket if they stay outside. That is what demissionary Prime Minister Rutte said in the Houses debate on corona. The plan came up with fierce criticism from the House of Representatives and from the sports sector, among others.

โ€œWe are willing to meet the Chambers desire,โ€ Rutte said. โ€œBut we do less than the OMT advises us, I say that. I cant make it more beautiful.โ€

It means that at outdoor sports venues, athletes and spectators do not have to be required to check for the QR code. However, it is advisable for the public to keep 1.5 metres away. If athletes or spectators go to the dressing room, toilet, dressing room or canteen, they must be checked.

The terrace at the sports club or sports complex is subject to compulsory check of the corona admission ticket, as with the regular hospitality industry.

See how Rutte talked about revoking the plan:

Earlier today Rutte said he had an understanding of the objections that lived in the Chamber. PvdA MP Kuiken spoke on behalf of much of the Chamber when she asked the Cabinet to withdraw the measure for outdoor sports such as football, baseball, rugby, athletics and the like.

Rutte said the cabinet wanted to fully implement the OMT advice, and that he feared the corona pass policy would become โ€œa messโ€ with all exceptions. Communications consultants have advised the cabinet to keep things as simple as possible.

But the demissionary prime minister pledged to โ€œchew itโ€. During the behind-the-scenes debate, the demissionary ministers De Jonge and Grapperhaus came up with a proposal to satisfy the Chamber.

Enforcement Issues

The cabinet wanted all sports organizations to check the corona admission ticket of athletes, public and other visitors over 18 years of age. It was originally about indoor and outdoor venues including sports canteens.

The sports domes have great objections to the plan to oblige the corona pass in all sports. Amateur sport addresses issues in enforcement and normal access for people to exercise sports.

Support for rest corona package
There is

plenty of support for the rest of the corona package presented by the cabinet on Tuesday night. However, MPs remain critical of the impact of the corona pass if it is not properly maintained. At least VVD, CDA, D66, PvdA, Volt and Fraction Den Haan agree with the plans.

On Thursday afternoon the motions tabled to the debate will be voted. The additional measures will take effect next Saturday.

See how Rutte talked about revoking the plan: