Cabinet wants another 5600 crisis shelters across the country for asylum seekers

The cabinet is asking the security regions to realize an additional 5600 additional crisis emergency shelters for asylum seekers. These places are in addition to the 5500 additional crisis shelters that were previously requested, of which 5000 have now been realized.

According to Secretary of State Van der Burg (Asylum), the reason is that it is difficult to accommodate status holders and the chain is therefore clogged. Moreover, the influx of asylum seekers is still high.

The cabinet therefore also wants empty shelters for Ukrainians to be used in the coming period for emergency reception of regular asylum seekers.

โ€œWe understand that we are asking a lot of questions from the safety regions with this. Especially because so many efforts have already been made in many places to accommodate asylum seekers and refugees,โ€ says a spokesperson for the Secretary of State. โ€œBut it is now really necessary to prevent people from sleeping on the street.โ€

Structural decisions

Mayor Hubert Bruls of Nijmegen, as chairman of the Safety Council, does not yet want to respond in substance on behalf of the safety regions. A spokesperson says that the consultation about it is still ongoing and he wants to wait until there is more clarity.

The security regions previously said they believe that the cabinet should take structural decisions about asylum policy in the Netherlands as soon as possible. That is the message of the 25 mayors who met in the Security Council tonight.

This concerns, among other things, the expulsion policy of foreigners who are not allowed to stay in the Netherlands and about strengthening the Central Body for Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). If no decisions are made about this, the reception of refugees will crash even further than is currently the case, according to the mayors.

โ€œThe safety regions have now realized 5000 of the more than 5500 additional requested emergency shelters. But the situation at the registration center in Ter Apel is still inhuman and undesirable. And the long-term vision is not there yet,โ€ President Bruls said earlier.

No task for municipalities

The mayors previously said that they wanted to participate in additional crisis emergency shelter until 1 October at most, because that is actually not a task of municipalities but of the State.

The Secretary of State promises to talk quickly about the crisis shelter within the cabinet, with the security regions and the municipalities.