Cabinet wants preliminary stop on work permits Asian cooks for abuse and human trafficking

The Cabinet wants to stop granting work permits for Asian cooks in four weeks‘ time due to serious suspicions of abuse and trafficking in human beings. That’s what the demissionary Minister of Social Affairs announced.

The signals are so serious, says Great Tit, that the Cabinet wants to intervene quickly to prevent further abuse.

Koolmees refers to publications in Trouw and the Groene Amsterdammer. This shows that, since the corona outbreak, some 500 work permits have been issued by the IND Immigration Service through the extended scheme, while the corona measures in restaurants had hardly any work.

But also from the Dutch representations and immigration officials in China are coming in signals indicating trafficking in human beings and smuggling, says Great Tit.


The extended scheme was partly at the insistence of the House of Representatives, because restaurants complained about a shortage of specialist chefs for Asian cuisine. By the way, this was before the corona outbreak.

The Court will have four weeks to respond to the proposed cessation of authorisation. Meanwhile, the cabinet is investigating the possibilities for combating abuse.

The special regime will continue to apply in the coming weeks. This could lead to an accelerated increase in the number of work permits applications. โ€œIf that is the case, we will respond again,โ€ says a spokesman for the Ministry.

Applications to renew the work permits for cooks who already work here will be considered anyway.