Cabinet wants priority to be given to coronation test for some health and education staff

The Cabinet wants part of the care and teaching staff to be given priority when taking a coronavirus test. It is not yet clear how the priority rule should work in practice. This is being discussed with the Municipal Health Centres (GGDs). Minister De Jonge may announce more later this evening.

They are teaching staff in primary and secondary education, not in secondary vocational or higher education. The childcare sector is also excluded from the priority scheme.

Prime Minister Rutte said at his weekly press conference that hopefully the measure can come into effect next week, but that it is a complex logistical issue. We also want to be very precise about who gets priority, he said. But it wont be as broad as has sometimes been asked for in society

Staying at home

The reasoning behind the priority rule is that it has a major social impact if children cannot attend school at primary and secondary level.

Their parents often have to stay home from work. This concerns a total of 2.5 million pupils.

The Cabinet has hesitated for a long time to take this decision but has now cut the Gordian knot because of the test squeeze. Rutte: The delays have not gone away for the time being