Cabinet wants to abolish latest corona rules as of 23 March

Next Tuesday, the cabinet wants to decide to abolish the latest corona rules by Wednesday 23 March. The commitment is that only the basic advice, such as washing hands and coughing in the elbow, remain in force and that only a face mask must be worn in planes, no longer in public transport. Thats what initiates say to the Ceit.

The OMT has yet to give advice on it. That will come together tomorrow.

Vaccinated travelers who come to the Netherlands no longer have to do a PCR test. Unvaccinated people still do, but that has to do with European rules for travellers, just like the face masks on airplanes.

At Utrecht Centraal, mixed reactions were given to the abolition of the latest corona rules:

Work from home advice

At big events, no one needs to be tested anymore. The advice to work from home half the time if possible would disappear as of this Tuesday.

So the basic advice will remain in force, but these are not obligations. For example, the advice to test in case of complaints still applies. Those who are positive are expected to stay at home in isolation. But that is also advice, as is the advice to quarantine in some cases if someone in the immediate vicinity has corona.

Although the number of corona infections is running again recently, that does not lead to major problems in healthcare.

There will be no press conference on Tuesday. The intention is for Minister Kuipers of VWS to give a brief explanation after the cabinet deliberation.