Cabinet wants to be greenest ever, but eco-tuner sees especially unwillingness

The Rutte Cabinet had the ambition to become the greenest cabinet ever. However, in the Urgenda case, the judge has ripped the finger: the government needs to take more measures to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement.

So coal plants are now shutting down accelerated and windmills and solar parks are rising everywhere. Is it enough to reverse the impending climate crisis? Residents of the ecological community of Iewan near Nijmegen are skeptical. โ€œContinuously, the judge has to join in to keep this cabinet up to its own agreements. Then you can already see how much unwillingness there is,โ€ says resident Arne Broekhoven.

The complex in which Broekhoven lives is a straw building. The wooden walls are filled with straw bales by volunteers. โ€œStraw is a very nice natural material, the bales come from the land, it is residual material. Its also very nice CO2 storage.โ€

Mare Nynke Zijlstra is co-initiator of the project. โ€œIt is therefore possible to build ecologically within the social rental sector.โ€

She hopes that more people will live smaller and more sustainable and consume less. โ€œA change is needed in the way of living together. That is feasible. A year ago, we did not think that the current coronamatcontrols would ever be feasible. When it has been decided that there is a crisis, suddenly there are very different things possible.โ€

For this, politicians need a clear vision of the future. Something that, according to Broekhoven and Zijlstra, is lacking in the cabinet. But also in the larger left-wing parties, they see too little ambition:

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