‘Cabinet wants to extend curfew, secondary education partially open’

Curfew will remain for the time being, if its up to the demissionary cabinet. On the other hand, secondary education will most likely be able to reopen partially. Whether there is room for more easing, the cabinet will look at the next few days.

That is, according to insiders, the conclusion of the Catshuis Consultation on this Sundays corona measures. The cabinet wants to maintain the much discussed curfew for the time being, but the House of Representatives still has to agree to that. According to one source, after nine oclock in the evening, the restraining order creates room for other relaxation.

One of these easings will most likely be the opening of secondary education over a week. That must be with the necessary limitations. The sector itself will also have to look at its proper implementation, for example by giving students partly physical and partly digital education.


The secondary schools were on top of the stack in case of any easings, emphasised Prime Minister Rutte and coronaminister De Jonge recently. But on Sunday the Cabinet also discussed other simplifications. For example, to also partially open MBO schools, or to get contact professions, such as hairdressers, back to work.

According to an insider, it is not yet clear. In the Catshuis, however, it has been discussed to allow certain eases with the clear message beforehand that they will be reversed in case of ascending infections. In the next few days, the cabinet and mayors will talk about this even further. Tuesday evening is a new press conference with Rutte and De Jonge.

The question is also what period will the curfew and the corona measures that remain in place be extended? If the Cabinet opted for the now usual three-week term, the next press conference โ€” after that on Tuesday โ€” would be on 16 March. That is in the middle of the three days when the ballot boxes are open for the Second Chamber elections.