Cabinet wants to solve asylum crisis with 20,000 places and more money

Municipalities are willing to make housing available for 20,000 status holders for asylum seekers with a residence permit in the coming months. This is evident from the concept piece that DecceIt saw, which RTL Nieuws was the first to report about.

The cabinet and municipalities have been negotiating the agreement in recent days. Yesterday it was discussed in the Security Council and agreed. At the moment, the Council of Ministers is talking about it.

The draft agreement is only about the reception of asylum seekers, not about the influx. Measures such as an asylum stop do not occur. Secretary of State Van der Burg said again this morning that an asylum stop is not possible, because the Netherlands is not an island and we are bound by international treaties.

Today, however, the cabinet is talking about opportunities to reduce the influx, such as temporarily limiting the possibilities for family reunification.

Asylum seekers with a permit have now been in the asylum shelter for too long due to the lack of housing. As a result, the shelters are overcrowded. In the Ter Apel registration center, people have been sleeping outside for days due to a shortage of shelters.

In the coming years, the cabinet will allocate 730 million to combat the reception crisis. The money is intended, among other things, for emergency shelter, housing, flex homes, integration and the approach of nuisances.

Municipalities can use part of the money to accelerate the number of flex homes. This should lead to more prefab homes and container homes, whereby it has been agreed that one third of the number of homes should go to status holders.

In addition, the percentage of regular social housing that has to go to status holders is temporarily increasing: that was five percent and will temporarily be twelve percent until January (nationally).

And furthermore, intermediate facilities such as hotels and boats must contribute to the realisation of 20,000 extra places.

Second location

The Netherlands has been facing an ever-increasing reception crisis for weeks. Especially at the registration center in Ter Apel, the situation is distressing and people have been sleeping outside for days. Secretary of State Van der Burg (Asylum) said this morning that even tonight, people are very likely to sleep outside.

For the first time in history, the international aid organization Doctors Without Borders in the Netherlands took action and went to Ter Apel with a team to provide care to asylum seekers who have to stay out of the gate.

The cabinet wants to solve sleeping outside as quickly as possible and is working on a second location near Ter Apel, in a nearby municipality.