CAIR asks Valve, Sony and Microsoft not to release Six Days in Fallujah on their platforms

Scandalous Six Days in Fallujah shooter about Americans‘ war in Iraq keeps stuffing cones: Now CAIR, a Muslim civil rights group in the US, has asked Valve, Sony and Microsoft not release a shooter on their sites. According to the organization, the project is a โ€œmurder simulator of Arabsโ€ that normalizes violence against Muslims in the United States and around the world โ€”โ€ the industry is time to stop dehumanizing Muslims. โ€ โ€œGames like Six Days in Fallujah serve only to praise the violence that has claimed the lives of hundreds of Iraqi civilians, to justify the war in Iraq and strengthen anti-Muslim sentiment in times when anti-Muslim fanatics continue to threaten people’s lives.

โ€ Six Days in Fallujah is a tactical shooter telling of the carnage in the Iraqi city of Fallujah. The topic remains sensitive for both sides of the conflict.

The game developers want to show all the horrors of war, but from the side many see only a lopsided view of the situation. The shooter is built around the impressions and memories of American fighters, but the side of the locals is hardly reflected โ€” although they suffered major losses in the battle.

The developers themselves promise that they intend to show the situation from all sides – for this purpose, 26 civilians who took part in the battle were interviewed. However, in such statements so far many simply do not believe – in gameplay videos show only a shooter in the style of Call of Duty.

Initially the game was done in 2009, but then Konami decided to cancel it at the last moment because of criticism from the community, journalists and the military. Today, the situation seems to be repeating itself.

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