Caitlyn Jenner: Trans community finds me too controversial

In an interview with the podcast The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, Caitlyn Jenner announced that she has accepted to be an outcast within the transgender community. According to her, this would be due to her views and background.

Presenter Michael Bosstick compared Jenner‘s coming-out with Elliot Page’s, who was known for his coming-out as an actress Ellen Page. According to Bosstick, people responded to him with much more understanding than to Jenner. โ€œI love the fact that your family has provided so much support, but I still have a double feeling about it. You got a lot of crap on you back then, including people from Hollywood. And those same people are now cheering for another transition. What about that, do you think?โ€

Caitlyn replied: โ€œI have to deal with this with caution. The transgender community is probably the most critical audience in the world. But because of my past as a white, rich and successful man, they don‘t think I’m a good sign. I lived a life full of privileges, and I can‘t blame them.โ€

Despite Jenner’s understanding of the situation, she is disappointed. โ€œI had thought and hoped that I could make a difference. But I am considered too controversial, also because I have spoken out to be more Republican than Democratic. That‘s very sensitive here right now. I sometimes donated money to organizations, which then asked me not to come to their events because of my statements. That was pretty heavy, but it doesn’t stop me from fighting for what I believe in.โ€