California authorities want to prevent Activision Blizzard from buying back victims

The California Department of Fair Hiring and Housing (DFEH) has signaled it intends to challenge Activision Blizzard‘s decision to pay $18m to victims of sexual harassment. Recall that the company previously reached an agreement to resolve the conflict with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) . DFEH claims that the settlement of the matter in this way would get in the way of his own lawsuit against Activision Blizzard.

The documents also note that once money is received from the fund, employees will not be able to seek further compensation and the company will have a chance to be โ€œdestroyed or falsified important documents relating to sexual harassment, revenge and discriminationโ€ . Activision Blizzard in turn released a statement in response to DFEH’s claims.

The company said it aims to be โ€œas welcoming, inclusive and safe as possible. โ€ The intention to resolve the conflict through the fund โ€œreflects this desire for improvements and transparency.

โ€ The company wants employees who agree to compensation to be able to get their money promptly. DFEH are not the only ones who disagree with Activision Blizzard‘s intentions.

The union also criticized its criticism, which compared the $18 million compensation to a โ€œslur. โ€ In his view, the company should offer those affected much more money.

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