Call Femke Halsema and prominent figures: ‘Let young people get ahead of new freedoms’

According to a group of seven prominent figures, led by the mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, the spiritual consequences of the lockdown for young people are no longer justified. โ€œThe mental and social impact of the lockdown is severe for young people and also affects the well-being of our societyโ€, they write in a manifesto.

They come up with a call: Corona measures must be more focused on the social consequences of the pandemic. In the coming weeks and months, the cabinet should dare to take ‘responsible risks’.

โ€œ I acknowledge the need for curfew and other measures, but if we consider granting more freedoms, think of young people first,โ€ says Halsema in Nieuwsuur. โ€œWe know that the young generation suffers most at the moment.โ€

After quick test to school

In the manifesto, the prominent advocates advocate, among other things, the extension of the age limit for organised outdoor sports to 25 years. Now it‘s 18 years. โ€œFigures show that young people up to 25 years of age suffer greatly from isolation.โ€

Furthermore, they want young people to do quick tests ‘at the door‘ with priority. โ€œThen, with evidence of negative test results, schools, community centres, study rooms and sports clubs can be reopened for them.โ€

โ€œ In the public debate, young people are confronted with the elderly and vulnerable: they rarely get sick while they are contagious,โ€ the seven write. โ€œTo combat the coronavirus as effectively as possible, young people then get to the shortest end.โ€

They find the effects of the crisis on young people worrying. โ€œAccording to I&O research, 69 percent of young people regularly feel lonely. One third of all students now give life an insufficient one.โ€

We spoke to student Ali a few times last year. He hardly has any physical lessons left. Little motivates him, and that causes depressive thoughts:

According to the writers, young people lack lobbying power. Such as those of general practitioners, ICs and other groups that have significantly influenced vaccination policies in recent weeks. โ€œThat is why we are already pleading for them.โ€

โ€œ If it turns out that the vaccine not only protects the recipient from the virus, but also prevents its spread, it is good and logical to vaccinate young people first in the next phase.โ€

Young people‘s lifestyle now banned. ‘

The government considers young people to be walking coronavirus risks, the seven signatories see. โ€œThe lifestyle that belongs to being young – going out, meeting new and strange people, sitting close together, sleeping together – is at the top of the list of prohibited coronation behaviors.โ€

โ€œ Mental and mental imhealth, and inadequate exercise then gain too small specific weight. We no longer think that is justified.โ€