Call: how do you keep the lockdown bearable?

The second lockdown has been extended and that means more mandatory spending time indoors. We are looking forward to your tips to make the lockdown a bit more bearable.

What do you do now that we have to wait for a cup of coffee outside the door, shopping or indoor sports? How to ensure that you do not fly against the walls at home (possibly with a family)? Are there people who do their shopping every day just to get out of it every day? Or have we been walking again massively?

Perhaps some people have been given a new hobby, are they growing or have a corona pet to fight their isolation and loneliness. Do some people experience mental problems because of the lockdown? If so, how do you fight it?

It may also be natural that the lockdown is a piece of cake for you. Even then we would like to hear why!

Mail your experiences to check-in [at] An anthology of the entries is published both online and in the newspaper.