Call of Duty and FIFA called more tense than Dark Souls

The research firm BonusFinder tried to find the most intense game, from which people start to get tired even physically. gamers, after which they put them for 16 of the most popular and complex projects, while simultaneously observing the heart rate. What will be your surprise when Mario Kart 8 turned out to be the most intense game at the end of the 30-minute session – on average, the pulse of players increased by 32.

81%. Following are FIFA 20 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with results of 31.

25 and 29. 69%.

Dark Souls 3 with a growth rate of 28. 13% is located on 4 positions.

Fortnite (26. 56%) closes the top five leaders.

However, this is not the whole story: researchers also recorded a peak growth in the heart rate and based on these data made another list. This time the lead took Dark Souls 3, specifically a speech about the battle with the Midir Eater of Darkness.

The pulse jumped by 98. 44%.

Running trail Fall Guys is very surprising – it is slightly behind with the figure of 95. 11%.

Next up are Mario Kart 8 (73. 44%), Street Fighter V (71.

88%) and FIFA 20 (67. 19%).

Games that used in Mario Kart 8 FIFA experiment 20 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dark Souls III Fortnite DOOM Fall Guys Battlefield V Street Fighter V Among Us Grand Theft Auto V UNO The Sims 4 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Minecraft The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. More on Igamania David Fincher called โ€œThe Jokerโ€ a โ€œbetrayal of mentally illโ€ people Over the premium mobile game on Star Wars are working authors The Old Republic For a year Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sold perfectly in US โ€” only Modern Warfare ahead.